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Graffiti artists to organize a master class for children

Minsk, Belarus, October 9, 2011. The well-known mobile operator velcom organized a campaign for the orphans from SOS-Children Village in the village of Marina Gorka. Artist Sergey Stelmashonok took part in it and drew 10 cats with the help of twenty children.

The company velcom decided to organize a graffiti master class for kids. The aim was to draw some pictures on the gray concrete wall surrounding the village and make it bright, cheerful and colourful. The head of the Children Village gladly accepted the idea.

On the morning of October, 9 two graffiti artists from Mogilev and the artist Sergey Stelmashonok created their works surrounded by almost one hundred children. The master-class organizers have provided the artists with 150 graffiti bright paints, which caused incredible commotion and happiness with children, and they willingly coloured the pictures on the concrete wall.

The children appeared to be not only creative but also very caring: they cared about artists, remembered that they needed to rest, brought them candies, and in the end the little assistants, who were colouring Mother Cat with kittens, joyfully surrounded the artist and his work. The merry children were happy and they were inviting Sergey Stelmashonok to come to visit them again.

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