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Do you need a good present? "Tales of an Old Smartphone" is a book of stories and illustrations that will make a good present for children as well as for adults! Order it in one click "Tales of an Old Smartphone" is a book written with fantasy and humor. It is full of kind stories illustrated with funny pictures. This book was written and illustrated by the artist Sergey Stelmashonok. Enjoy reading 43 incredibly varied and fascinating stories for children and adults. They’ll tell you about extraordinary travels, magical creatures, brave knights, talented dragons, real miracles and many more amazing things and events. Regardless of age, every reader will definitely find his or her favorite fairy tale here. You can buy the book “Tales of an ... more

Сaricature Exhibition. Artist: Sergey Stelmashonok Minsk, Belarus, Gallery TUT.by, September 3 – October 1, 2015 Minsk, the capital of Belarus. An art gallery owned by the popular private Internet news portal TUT.by will host an exhibition of works by the Belarusian artist Sergei Stelmashonok. This will be an exhibition featuring 75 caricatures that Sergey Stelmashonok made for various magazines and newspapers over the last 35 years. Stelmashonok worked with many periodicals, including the legendary Soviet magazines Parys (in English - Sail), Krynitsa (in English - Well), as well as modern magazines, such as Business (East ... more

DeliCATessen. Exhibition of drawings by Sergey Stelmashonok. Minsk, 3rd August - 13th September On the 3rd of August, 2015 - Minsk - Café Netto will host the opening of drawings exhibition by the Belarussian artist Sergey Stelmashonok " DeliCATessen " (the exhibition has many names: GATTOstronomia and DeliKATZEssen ). The drawings sre dedicated to the little pleasures of life: the pleasure of tasting delicious food, having a pleasant conversation, enjoying ships that pass in the night, setting on an amusing journey... The exhibition will feature more than 25 works, made in the in the artist's favorite comic manner and, of course, the main character of the works is a ... more

New exhibition in Minsk - "Techno-Art" dedicated to "Alternative Energy" In November 9-24 in Minsk there will run the eighth annual exhibition of the "techno-art" cycle. This time the project "Techno-art. Alternative energy" is dedicated to the International Year of Sustainable Energy for everyone. Thus it is not surprising that the UN Office in Belarus supports the new "Techno-art" exhibition. The exhibition "Techno-art. Alternative Energy" will feature the brand new poster by Sergei Stelmashonok - "When stroking a cat we make both - the cat and ourselves happy. And at the same time we promote energy import substitution. " - Ends ... more

The exhibition of drawings and images of cats created by Sergey Stelmashonok opened in Minsk during the world week of Italian language Minsk, October 15-21, 2012. The world week of the Italian language will start with the assistance of the Ministry for Foreign Affairs of Italy in the middle of October. An exhibition featuring new works by the well-known Belarusian artist Sergey Stelmashonok, organized with the support of the Italian Embassy in Belarus, will be running at the same time in Minsk. Unlike the usual displays, this exhibition will feature not only colorful drawings from the artist’s "itinerary"-sketch book, full of fantasies about Italy and cats, but also amazing photos of cats, carefully and ... more

The Russian rock musician Boris Grebenshikov got his portrait in the image of cat created by Sergey Stelmashonok Minsk, April 3, 2012. Boris Grebenshikov got his portrait as a rock-cat. When Boris Grebenshikov, the master of exquisite and vague meanings, sang "according to the old law of yard cats, I would love to see you", he could not even imagine that some day there will appear an artist who will understand his words literally. On April 3, 2012 before Boris Grebenshikov’s concert in Minsk, the artist Sergei Stelmashonok presented the leader of "Aquarium" with a new poster - it was the portrait of Boris Grebenshikov as a cat. The first Russian Rock Cat enriched the popular series ... more

The cat posters of Sergey Stelmashonok at the calligraphy exhibition Minsk, September 6 - November 20, 2012. Six Belarusian calligraphers were asked to participate in the exhibition of the calligraphy at the National Library in Minsk. Among them was the artist Sergei Stelmashonok. He created several new graphic-font visual works dedicated to he-cats, she-cats and catwomen especially for the exhibition. The opening ceremony of the calligraphy exhibition will start at 17.00 local cat time. Posters can be seen until 20 November 2012. In the picture: the three works by Stelmashonok from the exhibition of calligraphy in the National Library of ... more

Cats in the air: new adventures of the poster "One Cat"! In the July issue of the magazine OnAir (spread on "Belavia" airplanes) there was an article "Have you seen a bunny?". It told the story of the emergence of the Belarusian "bunny" money, all the hustle and bustle accompanying the issue of the first post-Soviet money and it also referred to the conceptual design project by the artist Sergei Stelmashonok, which was presented for the first time at the exhibition "March Cats" in Minsk in 2009. "Belarusian project of a universal global reserve currency In 2009 the artist Sergei Stelmashonok offered an interesting sequel to ... more

The artist Sergey Stelmashonok presented the portrait of George Méliès to the Ambassador of France in Belarus Minsk, July 14, 2012. The artist Sergey Stelmashonok presented the portrait of George Méliès to the Ambassador of France - Mr. Michel Raineri. The portrait was created after the Embassy of France held the screening of films by the great maestro. Mr. Raineri sincerely thanked the artist, and said: "It is obvious that this work was created with the heart and soul". The portrait was presented at the reception dedicated to the National Holiday - July 14, L'anniversaire de la prise de la Bastille (Bastille Day). The photo: red carpet welcome. Mr. Michel Raineri personally ... more

The Polish city of Alexandrow Łódzki received as a gift a funny coat of arms with a cat Poland, April 20, 2012. It all started with a call from the Cultural Center of Belarus in Poland which is opened at the Belarusian Embassy in the country. - Last year the citizens of Alexandrow Łódzki had the opportunity to see posters by Sergey Stelmashonok when his works were exhibited in this city , - said Alexander Karachun, the director of the Belarusian Cultural Centre. - Not long ago the organizers of the exhibition contacted us and asked the artist to make a funny coat of arms for the town. The "main character" of the coat of arms must be a cat. It turned out that ... more

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