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New Year Cat Costume: How to make it and why it is so irresistibly attractive

Since the emergence of a well-known comic strip “Catwoman” in the spring of 1940, the image of a gracious and sexy cat is an endless source of inspiration for creative people - artists, sculptors, fashion designers...

The movie industry has a passion for this image, and Catwoman was played by Michelle Pfeiffer, Halle Berry, Anne Hathaway ...

The famous "manga" and anime also have their version of a Catwoman - Catgirl - neko that has cat ears and a tail (and still she has a perfect girly body).

No wonder that women are especially interested in wearing a Catwoman costume, as cats are sexy and attractive. The costume is especially sought-after because such a suit can be easily made of the things that everyone has at their disposal. Especially if we take into consideration the fact that the cat costume needs to consist of just two indispensable attributes: ears and tail.

Cat Mask

Cat mask may cover the whole face or just part of it. It can be made of paper / cardboard or colourful papier-mache (like a Venetian carnival mask) or of feathers (top right). It may even be like body art or special makeup - like cat whiskers (obligatory) and black nose (not obligatory).

Cat Costume with trousers

If a black latex costume (top left), like the one that an almost-reat Catwoman was wearing, is too explicit for you, and a pink fluffy costime seems to be too time consuming, you can use any stripy article of clothing (bottom). If you get the impression that such a costume is more suitable for role-playing... just keep it within reach.

Cat Costume with a skirt

The rules are the same as with trousers: stripes are always for the better. As far as the length of the skirt is concerned, it is inversely proportional to the amount of male attention and admiration. It all depends on the lady's mood and her nightly far-reaching plans.

“Sexy” Cat Costume

The indispensable attributes are teh fallowing: pantyhose 'fishnet' and mini-mini skirt or shorts. A wide selection of men, being all about you, is guaranteed!


Catwoman proudly occupies the 20th place in the list "100 best comic strip characters of all times."

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