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Artist Sergey Stelmashonok's own art project

The Russian rock musician Boris Grebenshikov got his portrait in the image of cat created by Sergey Stelmashonok

Minsk, April 3, 2012. Boris Grebenshikov got his portrait as a rock-cat.

When Boris Grebenshikov, the master of exquisite and vague meanings, sang "according to the old law of yard cats, I would love to see you", he could not even imagine that some day there will appear an artist who will understand his words literally.

On April 3, 2012 before Boris Grebenshikov’s concert in Minsk, the artist Sergei Stelmashonok presented the leader of "Aquarium" with a new poster - it was the portrait of Boris Grebenshikov as a cat. The first Russian Rock Cat enriched the popular series of posters, dedicated to outstanding Rock Stars.

Boris Grebenshchikov liked the portrait a lot: he signed the copy for the artist and wrote there "Thank you to Sergei! BG "

Boris Grebenshchikov was contemplating the whole series of 16 Rock Cats posters with great interest - there he found himself surrounded by a very nice company!

We are reminding you that the series "Rock Cats" is well known by musicians: Patricia Kaas, Chris Rea and Sting have already received their portraits as a gift from the artist (and signed the second copy especially for Sergei).

At the moment the series Rock Cats consists of 18 posters, and Boris Grebenshikov is the first Russian rocker who was "awarded" with a cat portrait.

All photos by Dmitry Eliseev

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