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A journey to Catalonia: from Girona up along the "The Path of Angels"

Girona. This a city full of surprises: for example, if you walk a few hundred meters from the main cathedral of Girona, you can see where the mysterious Cami 'Dels Angels ("Path of Angels") begins - a pilgrim path that leads to the very top of the mountain.

There - at the height of 485 meters - you can see how the white mysterious cloud of the holy Catalonian site - Santuari del Àngels - rises above the Earth.

The "Path of Angels" starts by a narrow river, which dives deep into the earth, filling the air with moisture that is so thick, that sun rays can hardly break through the foliage and reach the traveller.

It is always foggy and damp here, which gives the landscape a mystical character: half-naked trees are tangled with threads of wild vines, boulders are decorated with colored moss and the precious stones of dew, shimmering in the sun.
Soon the path goes under the highway and runs up the hill. At this point there is even a delicate arch, which has an elegant inscription: Cami 'Dels Angels.

If you decide to climb Spanish mountain paths that seem to be tagged, as soon as you see a plate, which tells how much time it is left untill you reach the top, you can freely add 30% of tome more.

Be very attentive and look at the left side of the road: sometimes the direction of the route is marked on the rocks. When you go up, it looks like you are going inside a dry streamway, thick-sown with strange white layered stones (well, or inside a vertical quarry).

When the place of destination becomes visible and the snow-white building of the cathedral on top of the mountain slowly begins to approach, you can’t wait to get there as quickly as possible.

Personal experience: if you step off the marked path and climb the mountain, straight up to the place of destination, along the goat paths, you can hardly save any time. But still if you do that, you can get unforgettible experience of climbing the wet, slippery slope between thorny shrubs, which only purpose in life is to grab you by the feet and tear your clothes. It is absolutely incomprehensible how the goats can climb such paths.

The tiny platform on top of the mountain, which holds an impressive cathedral, is rich in gifts.

Firstly, at the top there is a magnificent view of the scenery, stretched over hundreds of kilometers, and the silhouette of the mountains is very similar to the curves of a female body.

Secondly, you can relax after a long journey and enjoy the silence, light and shade of the cathedral.

And thirdly, (which is extremely important for travellers) there is a wonderful restaurant there.

One of the most delicious delicacies is vegetable soup, which resembles a modernist painting...

And the most delicious fish ....................................... and the dessert (both dishes are served in pots).

Even thought all the delights of this place are casting a spell on you, it is important not to forget that it is necessary to get back before dark, as neither the path, nor the road are lit.

However, you may also be lucky enough to meet a tiny vintage burgundy pick-up car with a friendly woman driver, who would be truly surprised: "Whaaat, you came here on foot? From Girona? "

It would take you about 40 minutes to go down the road by car, to the base of the mountain. It definitely means that the spirits of magical Catalan mountains help travellers: it is not by chance that this path is called the "Path of Angels" ...

- The End -

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