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The exhibition of posters "Extraordinary Cats" by Sergey Stelmashonok in Sieradz Poland, April 19, 2012. Thanks to the active support of the Belarusian Cultural Center in Poland and its director Alexander Karachun another exhibition of works by the artist Sergey Stelmashonok «Nadzwyczajne Koty» was opened in the Polish town of Sieradz (Lodz). At the opening ceremony of the exhibition there were not only the residents of the city, but the local journalists as well, including the reporters of two Polish TV channels. We offer you the Telewizja Sieradz report. The director of the House of Culture Irena Kostrzewska noted that it is the first time when an ... more

For iPad owners: children's interactive story made by Belarusian artist Sergei Stelmashonok For iPad owners: a fascinating interactive story for children Sergei Stelmashonok, a well-known Belarusian artist and the author of fairy-tales for children, presented his new work - an interactive book for iPad, created in cooperation with the Polish publishing house DM Quadro. Working on the project took six months: unique content, as well as 14 interactive scenarios and colorful and dynamic illustrations were developed especially for the book. The book tells the story of a kitten who dreams of traveling under water, and with the help of a magician his dream comes true. ... more

The poster exhibition "Where is the cat?" Warsaw, March 2 - April 30, 2012. Poster exhibition opened one of the best Polish hotels with a remarkable taste. A hotel named "Art Villa" was built in Warsaw in 2010. Although the hotel is very young, it turned out to be quite an unusual hotel and art project. The hotel is a family business and is currently nominated as the best hotel in Poland in the competition Best Hotel Awards 2012. There are only five rooms in the hotel, and their interior decorations are absolutely remarkable: the hotel often houses exhibitions by contemporary artists. In March exhibitions stepped ... more

New Year Cat Costume: How to make it and why it is so irresistibly attractive Since the emergence of a well-known comic strip “Catwoman” in the spring of 1940, the image of a gracious and sexy cat is an endless source of inspiration for creative people - artists, sculptors, fashion designers... The movie industry has a passion for this image, and Catwoman was played by Michelle Pfeiffer, Halle Berry, Anne Hathaway ... The famous "manga" and anime also have their version of a Catwoman - Catgirl - neko that has cat ears and a tail (and still she has a perfect girly body). No wonder that women are especially interested in wearing a Catwoman costume, ... more

Graffiti artists to organize a master class for children Minsk, Belarus, October 9, 2011. The well-known mobile operator velcom organized a campaign for the orphans from SOS-Children Village in the village of Marina Gorka. Artist Sergey Stelmashonok took part in it and drew 10 cats with the help of twenty children. The company velcom decided to organize a graffiti master class for kids. The aim was to draw some pictures on the gray concrete wall surrounding the village and make it bright, cheerful and colourful. The head of the Children Village gladly accepted the idea. On the morning of October, 9 two graffiti artists from ... more

The poster exhibition «Life of Extraordinary Cats» in Aleksandrow Łódzki Poland, July 15, 2011. In the town of Aleksandrow Łódzki in Poland an anniversary exhibition «Life of Extraordinary Cats» featuring art Sergey Stelmashonok was opened at 18-30 on July 15. In half an hou at 19-00 Barbara Twardosz-Droździńska - an extraordinary performer of Russian, Belarussian and Ukrainian songs - was performing her musical programme "The Power of Love" at the same sight. All that was heald at the stylish venue - Herbaciarni Klimaty on Warsaw street 28. They say that the opening ceremony caused a great commotion with the cultural community of the town. ... more

The posters exhibition in Łódź Poland, June 6, 2011. An exhibition featuring cat-themed drawings and posters by the artist Sergey Stelmashonok was opened in the Cinema Museum in Łódź on June 6. Photo: Director of the Belarusian Cultural Center in Poland Alexander Karachun and Director of the Museum of Cinematography Mieczyslaw Kuzmitski at opening of the exhibition in the Museum of Cinematography. As the artist could not be at the opening ceremony and taking into consideration the peculiarities of this particular museum, he made a short video, in which he revealed the reasons of his passion for cats. ... more

The Belarusian artist Sergey Stelmashonok meets young readers of his fairy tales about Koshka the Cat Minsk, April 28, 2011. A bit of happiness or How Koshka the Cat made children laugh:-) At the meeting with his boy and girl readers Sergey Stelmashonok saw the most positive and kind people, smiling and feeling happy all the time. The children were listening to the author telling his fairy tales with their eyes wide open and they were asking a lot of questions. And especially they liked the moments that were erased by the watchful editors... The children were shaking their sides with laughing! For example when Koshka the Cat found himself near thermal springs, and the air ... more

The exhibition of cat posters drawn by coffee during Coffee festival Minsk, April 5-7, 2011. The first coffee festival was held in Minsk. Renato Cucinotta - restaurant critic and the Ambassador of Italian union of confectioners in Eastern Europe - the initiator and personal friend of Sergey Stelmashonok asked the artist to draw a cat not with paints, but with coffee. Coffee appeared to be a very interesting drawing tool. Anyway, for a person who can draw cats with almost anything (once Sergey Stelmashonok was drawing cats with champagne) the difficulties make the task even more challenging and interesting. (On the right: "Coffee ... more

The art exhibition “March Cats" Minsk, March - April 2011. The annual exhibition "March Cats" will be running from March, 30 to April, 10 at Minsk VDNKh Hall. Judging by the size and the grandeur of the hall the exhibition is to be extraordinary. The exhibition will occupy the whole of the second floor of the huge venue. Thinking about the exhibitions of the previous years (in the small hall of Pushkin library) it becomes evident that the curators’ wish to make "March Cats" a bright and great event is coming true. In fact, it may become the biggest "March Cats" exhibition in the history of the event. The ... more

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