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Artist Sergey Stelmashonok's own art project

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The personal poster exhibition of Serhey Stelmashonok "Victorian Epoch, or Belle Еpoque" at the Congress Hall of hotel "Victoria" Minsk, January 14, 2011. The exhibition by the artist Sergey Stelmashonok "Victorian Epoch, or Belle Еpoque", timed to coincide with the ceremony of awarding laureates of II Annual Marketing Award "Success Energy-2010", was opened at the Congress Hall of hotel "Victoria" on January 14. It is truly symbolic that the exhibition featuring bright, unique, positive cats of character was running at the same time as celebrating and awarding not the products or brands, but the personalities of marketing specialists. Commenting on the name of the exhibition, the artist Sergey ... more

The art exhibition "Christmas Tree Bazaar" at "Culture University" Gallery Minsk, January 14, 2011. The exhibition "Christmas Tree Bazaar", featuring five-finger exercises by modern Belarusian artists on the topic of the Christmas Tree, was opened at "Culture University" Gallery (Palace of the Republic) on January 14. Creativity, positive mood and off-beat concepts included. The exhibition featured the brand new art project by the artist Sergey Stelmashonok "Ё-lock.net" gaming with the concept of an on-line store selling personalized Christmas trees for totally different people: from ghostbusters to horney young people. - Ends ... more

Spontaneous exhibition: movie stars and their cats We know for sure now that cats inspire rock musicians. Here you may see the portraits of great musicians in the image of cats . Upon seeing these pictures, you can easily understand the grandeur of the cat contribution to the film industry. Note: If your favourite movie stars - by some mistake - are not shown here, this means that their photo with cats is either being made right now, or has been included into Hollywood X-files (top-secret information, not the movie)) Still, everything is possible. Don't worry: anything can be found. And we strongly believe in that. Anita ... more

"One Cat" travelling around Serbia January - August 2010. The well-known work by Sergey Stelmashonok "The Only Reserve Currency", which was exhibited at Belarusian and Polish exhibitions, was included to the "best works" catalogue of the Serbian 45 International Golden Pen Exhibition. And - being one of 50 best works - it was exhibited from January to August in several Serbian towns: Užice (January), Trstenik (February), Čačak (March), Sombor (April - May), Subotica (June - July), Prijepolje (August). Now the International Golden Pen Exhibition has changed its address: it will be heald in Belgrade. If you ... more

The exhibition of posters by Sergey Stelmashonok in the Polish town of Siemiatycze October 2010. An exhibition of works by two Belarusian artists - graphic artist Sergey Stelmashonok and painter Nikolaj Byschik - opened in the Cultural Centre of Siemiatycze, which is 90 km away from Bialystok. Nikolaj Byschik exhibited several mysterious lanscapes, and Sergey Stelmashonok, famous for his ability to depict cats in the most extraordinary ways, exhibited the renewed "Rock-Cats" series and the art cycle "Positive Cats", which won the hearts of the people of Bialystok ans Warsaw. It is the first time that the town of Siemiatycze, founded in 1542, is getting ... more

The exhibition "TechnoArt: Quality Mark"
Cat with a "quality mark"
Minsk, September 25 - October 9, 2010. The seventh annual exhibition "TechnoArt: Quality Mark" was held from September 25 to October 9 at the art gallery "University of Culture" ("Universitet Kultury", the Palace of the Republic). The exhibition featured the works of modern Belarusian artists: computer animation, 3D graphics, digital photo and editing, art objects, painting and graphics. The exhibition featured a brand new work by sergey Stelmashonok "Sweet Dreams". This year "TechnoArt" ran under the patronage of the national art exhibition "Land under the white wings". ... more

Spontaneous exhibition: Rock Around The Cat Cats and rock-n-roll are inseparable. Cats give their energy freely to rock musicians, as they – meaning of course the cats – electrify when musicians stroke them. The cats feel the rhythm purring in tune with the music and give their own concerts which are sometimes really inspiring. May I have your attebtion please! This is sensation, as we have found proofs for it! You can now see the photos that have been top secret information for many years. In the photos you will see great rock musicians and cats, that have greatly contributed to the development of music.And this is ... more

Chris Rea has got his personal Rock-Cat style portrait Minsk, February 14, 2010. When an outstanding bluesman and a fantastic rock-ballad composer Chris Rea came to Minsk, he organized a press-conference. At the very end of the press- conference Sergey Stelmashonok presented the unsurpassed singer Chris Rea with his rock-cat style portrait. Chris Rea was pleased and surprised and, as the artist asked him, signed a copy of the poster. The pleasant process of present-giving was accompanied by asking Chris Rea whether it was possible to re-issue the unique CD collection Blue Guitars, which has never appeared in Belarus before ... more

Postcrossing fans chose postcards by Sergey Stelmashonok as their favourites May 2010. The new type of hobby – postcrossing – and collecting postcards is becoming more and more popular in the Internet. If you log in to the site you can "specify" your collection and state that you collect, for example, postcards with landscapes or townscapes, but there are also more exotic variants. Then your computer gives you the address where you should send you postcard corresponding to the addressee’s interests. When the postcard reaches the addressee he registers it within the system, and your address is given to any person in any country – and that is always ... more

The “Biosphere” art exhibition Minsk, May 21, 2010. A new exhibition "Biosphere" opened in the gallery "Universitet Kultury" (which is in the Palace of the Republic) on 21 May. This project is organized under the patronage of the UN. As it was said in the description of the exhibition, "we live in the biosphere, but biosphere also lives in us, and all of us – plants, animals, people – are one, one unique and very complicated living being. And it is vitally important for all of us, who live in the biosphere, that we are inseparable and we should do everything possible to save our biosphere". Thus the ... more

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