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Artist Sergey Stelmashonok's own art project

Night walk in Prague, the capital of Czech

Prague is one of the most magical cities of the world. During day time it seems to walk into reality right out of magically illustrated fairy tales.

And at night... it is eager to tell bed-time stories and legends even to the grown-ups. Everyone can find "his" story in Prague, as at night fall Prague is not going to sleep - quite on the contrary: a new world wakes up at night.

Up: the famous "Dancing House" of Prague and the Prague TV tower with the huge bronze children climbing it. True mystic!

Down: mystic to be continued - Prague is full of one-legged ghosts :-)

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    If you go just 90 km to the North from Prague you will find a small town of Teplice hidden between the forested hills. This resort had its glory days, when Peter 1 himself, the Swedish King Gustav IV, Leibniz and many other prominent men and women ...
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