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Artist Sergey Stelmashonok's own art project

Greenhouse conditions of the city, calm and peaceful both in winter and in early spring

Teplice   If you go just 90 km to the North from Prague you will find a small town of Teplice hidden between the forested hills.

This resort had its glory days, when Peter 1 himself, the Swedish King Gustav IV, Leibniz and many other prominent men and women come here. Of course, Beethoven and Goethe were among those prominent men.

The famous meeting of the two great creators took place in the palace garden, and just a couple of days later they met the empress and her maids of honour at the very same place . Goethe politely bowed to the ladies, and the tactless Beethoven simply passed by with his nose up. This fact made the starting creative collaboration impossible, and the two geniuses communicated no more. Goethe left the place forever.

The photo: memorial stone in the pavement of the park alley, reminding of Goethe and Beethoven walking together for some time in their lives.

Beethoven, on the contrary, came to Teplice three times in 1911-1812, and being there he composed his symphonies 7, 8 and 9, at the same time taking the local water treatment.

This very source still exists, bringing to the surface fluoridated water . Even though you can not drink it, it is extremely useful "to take it externally", luxuriating in the pool bath named "Beethoven."

This is probably the main tourist attraction of the resort and one of the three pleasures that one can enjoy in Teplice in winter and spring.

The photo: the central square of Teplice is equally good by day and by night. And equally deserted ....

The second pleasure is the delicious Czech food. Beef steak with sweet cranberry sauce, wild boar knee lamb cake - any city restaurant will offer you dishes that are either tasty or even tastier.

In the photo: the ancient trees in the vicinity of Teplice are "muscle flexing"

Finally, the third pleasure. Surprising silence, birds singing in the morning… The atmosphere inspires for creativity. This is what happened to Beethoven in the 19th century, and this is what is happening with the visitors of the city today.

An aditional bonus: 20 km away from the city there is a chic German ski resort Altenberg.

... And a few words about the living beings of the city Teplice.

Dogs are totally loved here. A microscopic dog begged to be picked up and thus he continued his long journey in his lady’s arms, wrapped in a special towel.

The dogs in the city of Teplice even have their own angels.

However, the cat (the only one that I met during the entire journey) also enjoys its life.

No wonder it lives in the courtyard of the best local restaurant "The black cat" (IMHO).

The park surprises with brave squirrels that seem to be afraid of almost nothing (except for dogs that love to make them climb the trees higher and higher) ...

And also with swans ...

... And sculptures of a wild boar (by the water source which is as hot as 46-degree, and certainty you can’t drink the water in it), and the strange statue of a horse lying on its back.

- The End -

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