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Artist Sergey Stelmashonok's own art project


Belarus (2)

    Human eye can't stand anything abstract. It's no surprise that upon looking at some scenery, trees or clouds first of all we try to find familiar images. Moreover, our imagination is kind enough to provide us with the usual stereotypes: faces or ...

    Italy (2)

      The exhibition "Collezione Italiana" is running in Minsk. Cinema "Victory" ("Pobeda") is hosting the exhibition from 15 to 21 of October, 2012. Sergey Stelmashonok tells the story of his creative trip: "It is surprising how people in Italy treat ...
        The Colosseum is the most well-known landmark of Rome. It’s a must-see place of interest. Just wave the tail and run through the famous tourist attraction. The uniqueness of the Roman Empire brand is emphasized by the inscription on the facade (it’s ...

        Czech (2)

          Prague is one of the most magical cities of the world. During day time it seems to walk into reality right out of magically illustrated fairy tales. And at night... it is eager to tell bed-time stories and legends even to the grown-ups. Everyone can ...
            If you go just 90 km to the North from Prague you will find a small town of Teplice hidden between the forested hills. This resort had its glory days, when Peter 1 himself, the Swedish King Gustav IV, Leibniz and many other prominent men and women ...

            Germany (1)

              The health-resort Bad Pyrmont was founded in Lower Saxony long-long ago. It is so famous that even tsar Peter the Great came here with his court nobility to lounge in the bath with charmlike mineral water. Park by the castle... ... and very ...

              Montenegro (1)

                Soft sapphire sea, golden sandy beaches under exotic palms on the cliffs, divine food... And that is just the beginning! Montenegro has lots of things to discover for those who long for bright experiences. The hospitable country of Montenegro is ...

                Poland (2)

                  This city is quite familiar to many people, and though we may know all the tourist tracks to a T, the joyful sun fills the traveller’s heart with happiness, illuminating the familiar places somehow differently in comparison with the memories of the ...
                    Cats are free to wander wherever they want. Especially when it is warm outside, the rising sun is tickling cats and making them screw up their eyes, stretch themselves, give a yawn several times and start their daily promenade. The artist Sergey ...

                    Spain (1)

                      Girona. This a city full of surprises: for example, if you walk a few hundred meters from the main cathedral of Girona, you can see where the mysterious Cami 'Dels Angels ("Path of Angels") begins - a pilgrim path that leads to the very top of the ...

                      Ukraine (1)

                        The artist Sergey Stelmashonok was in Kyiv for the first time. He had just one December night there, a camera and great desire to see as much as possible. Of course, without forgetting his inner cat personality. As the result: an incredible walk ...
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                        Site Cats & Dreams features a collection of posters, images, drawings and illustrations by the Belarusian artist Sergey Stelmashonok. Sergey has been illustrating articles in different newspapers and magazines for many years but his main passion is depicting cats. Each and every cat in his images is special. Take a look and enjoy.