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Artist Sergey Stelmashonok's own art project

Grosseto Cats
Some truthful words and drawings depicting cats of Tuscany

1. Grosseto cats measure wind speed with а kid sock, rolling it down the street. The faster the bright tumbleweed is rolling down the street, the stronger the wind is. Why do Grosseto cats need this knowledge? British scientists still don’t know it.

2. When Grosseto lizards run along the streets they keep their tails high: either because of the fact that the pavement is hot, or because they are afraid to accidentally scratch the tail on the pavement, as if it’s a sandpaper. But most probably they are just afraid of the cats (you can already see their tongues) as they might catch a lizard by the tail - just to see what would come out of it.

3. Grosseto cats chase lizards until they climb up the pine trees, right up to the hollow, where squirrels live. Lizards can’t easily find a way out of the hollow and run around it in circles. Thus they tickle squirrels. Actually that is why Grosseto squirrels constantly giggle. As soon as cats hear giggles from the top of a tree, cats start freely eating strategic squirrel reserves - the tastiest nuts. And eat one strobilus after another, without a break, leaving the traces of their feast all over Grosseto. And the locals complain: those nasty squirrels! Always eating everywhere and leaving rubbish everywhere!

4. Absolutely all Grosseto cats love attracting the attention of passers-by. They start acting like movie stars: thet pose, lift all their paws up, spin on their backs and smile in the sweetest way. But as soon as they have received their portion of attention, they run off to the nearest villa and start living there. But soon they may get bored. In this case they start looking for a new comfortable accommodation, proudly holding cat tail up high.

5. Grosseto cats can change their color! When they walk from one villa to another, they "change costumes": black, gray, leopard, brown ...
The only thing they can not change is the color of the ribbon on their necks and yellow eyes with tiny pupils. But they can easily change the size of the eyes - cats just open them wide so that they seem to be as big as half of a cat’s head. Therefore, if you look into the eyes of a cat in Grosseto, it will immediately realize that you have unmasked it, and the cat will leave in search of another gullible passerby.

6. Grosseto cats sometimes dream strange dreams. For example, about a far away journey of some man called Stelmashonok and his friend, who brought Stelmashonok an ant in a glass butterfly with a warning that it is a WISE ant, and ane must keep an eye on it, otherwise it will run away. Moreover, it turned out that in order to catch this ant aborigines use cats. Stelmashonok was happy at first but then took a closer look and saw: the jar was empty! He immediately ran after the ant. He cought it with a jar, but the ant just gave Stelmashonok a screw-loose sign, "you have a jar without a bottom" - and then ran away...After such dreams Grosseto cats try to be awake for the rest of the day (thinking about the way cats can catch ants), lying in the sun in a very comfortable position.

- Ends -

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